Is the Raw Food Diet the Same as the Vegetarian Diet?

The Raw food diet is not really treated as a food fad but rather a kind of lifestyle that basically promotes eating foods that are in their natural state which means that the foods have not been adulterated in any way and not subjected to any food processing such as cooking which tends to deteriorate the nutrients that the food originally has.


This fitness diet is a lifestyle choice that acknowledges the nutritional value of unprocessed food which provides numerous health benefits that not all processed foods can promise about. This diet is known for those who wants to be full of energy and disease-free. It optimizes the nutrition of the food you eat the food you will intake are remained uncooked, so it retains its enzymes and nutrients for you to take. With only eating fresh food, you are not exposed to any harm brought about by chemicals added to food. Eventually, the effect of this diet is that it will naturally begin to detoxify the body due to the enzymes absorbed by the body. Natural weight loss can also be obtained in this type of diet.

This kind of food fad is usually being compared to the vegetarian diet. But how exactly are these two food diets alike or differ?

Technically, the raw food diet is somehow a form of vegetarianism since vegetarians do not eat any kinds of meat or poultry meaning what they consume usually comes from plant produce, past and rice. On the other hand, a food foodist only eats food that has not been processed or cooked. As an example, a vegetarian can eat pasta with cooked tomato sauce while a raw foodist will opt for the vegetable with tomato puree instead.

Vegans do not eat animals and its by-products. The raw foodist on the other hand only refrains to eat animal products and prefers to eat fruits and vegetables in raw. The main point of the raw food diet is to promote huge dietary increase in the intake of unprocessed and uncooked food such as fruits and vegetables so that the body can absorb all the natural nutrients from the food as much as possible.

Variety is supplied by making food combinations and is processed in such a way that heat isn’t needed as it breaks down enzymes and nutrients. Some food combinations are made into puree and juices. By combining different foods, one can make substitutes for what are in the normal diet. Seeds, nuts, sashimi, milk, cheese and yogurt are also part of the raw food diet.

Being a raw foodist is much easier if you are at least vegan or vegetarian since almost all that you can eat if you opt for this lifestyle are raw which are mostly of fruits and veggies. This diet might also require you to take supplements to substitute for the nutrients you cannot get from other fruits and vegetables. For one to be strong and healthy, the body needs to be supplied with both the micro and macronutrients that it needs.