The Raw Food Diet

With more and more people nowadays who are getting prone and are facing developing chronic and life threatening diseases because of poor lifestyle choices, people have started to get more conscious of everything they eat and look for ways to consume what’s healthy, thus the introduction of many different diets.

People prefer a much healthier approach to their diet and are looking for better options when it comes to food regarding nutrient content, origin, the way they are produced and even its impact on the environment.

A lot of food fads are coming out today, and one of those is the raw food diet. In fact, this diet cannot be treated as a fad diet like any other diets but a lifestyle that is promoting on eating foods in their natural state, some that they consider as “real food”.

The raw food diet is basically about eating mostly food that has not undergone any processing or is uncooked making you get all the nutrients from the food without any additives. In today’s world, majority of the foods may contain harmful additives and are very much processed. The application of heat in cooking or any other food processing causes the nutrients that you are supposed to be naturally getting from foods to deteriorate. To compensate the loss of nutrients or deterioration of food quality and longevity, some additives are added. These additives can be in the form of preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring and other added value ingredients which can be bad for the body since they are chemicals in the first place. Some of these can even trigger allergies or chemical reactions to those with sensitivities in what they eat.

The raw food diet does not mean that one must restrict oneself to consume any other foods but raw and declare to be a raw vegan all the way. It is rather a way that promoted huge dietary increase in consuming unprocessed and uncooked food like fruits and vegetables, seeds, grains. The goal for this diet is basically eating more raw foods as possible in order to obtain plenty of nutrients that our bodies are naturally suited to digest.

Some people even opt to go for organic food as well since these foods aren’t treated with any chemicals like pesticides even before they reach the market. However, organic foods can be a little expensive due to their expensive maintenance in production.